Twin Research

The TAMBA Heritability Study (TAMBAHS)

The objectives of this twin study were:

  1. to establish a new twins cohort for long-term follow-up of childhood diseases;
  2. to determine the relationship between nutritional intra-uterine environment, maternal weight, smoking, physical activity and child development; and
  3. to determine the relative contributions of heritability (genes) and environment to infant temperament and emotional/behaviour problems.

1,500 twins aged 0-5 years have been recruited through the Twins and Multiple Births Association (TAMBA). The twins’ parents have completed an online questionnaire on parental characteristics, birth anthropometry, zygosity, the Edinburgh Handedness Questionnaire, the Modified Waterloo Footedness Inventory, the Child Behaviour Checklist (CBCL) and the Infant Behaviour Checklist - Revised (IBQ-R).

Research group 

Eva Antioniou, PhD
Prof. Maurice Zeegers


Eva Antoniou, PhD