Genetics Retreat

Sponsoring the Genetics Retreat

Conference centre RolducOn 16 and 17 March 2017 the 27th Genetics Retreat will take place in conference centre Rolduc in Kerkrade. The meeting has evolved from an original format focusing mainly on human genetics, to a platform also including experimental genetics and epigenetics. Aim of the meeting is to familiarize participants with numerous aspects of (human) genetics research. It offers opportunity for companies operating in the areas of fundamental and applied research, drug design & development and (pre)clinical trials, to increase their visibility and offer their services to potential academic partners. Below you find an overview of possibilities for sponsoring.

Option 1: Stand space rental € 750,--

We offer you a spot for your booth (3 x 2 meters) in the spacious Foyer and adjoining Conference room 4 (four stands per room; see floorplan below). A table (160 x 80 cm) and chairs will be provided. During the meeting coffee and lunch breaks will be taken in these rooms, ensuring optimal exposure and interaction with academic participants.

Option 2: Stand space rental and elevator pitch € 800,--

Besides a spot for your booth, we offer you the opportunity to give an elevator pitch (1 minute) at the start of a lecture session.

Option 3: Sponsor a PhD student-speaker

You sponsor the participation of a PhD student-speaker who is using your products for his/her research (e.g. registration fee, hotel room in Rolduc, travel expenses).

Option 4: Advertisement € 250,--

  • We will distribute your advertisement (flyer) during the meeting.
  • We offer you the possibility to let us show your commercial video (max. 1 minute) at the beginning of a lecture session.

Other suggestions for sponsoring?

We welcome your suggestions to sponsor our meeting. Please do not hesitate to contact the conference secretary. She will be delighted to brainstorm with you about alternative possibilities.

Practical information

  • Inform the conference secretary about your choice. She will send you a confirmation and will make the necessary arrangements.
  • The conference secretary will send the sponsors/stallholders a welcome mail some days before the meeting.
  • At the venue she will show the stallholders around to find a spot to build up their booth (first come, first served). Please note that it is all about your personal presentation, not the location of your booth. We welcome creative solutions to attract participants to your products.
  • The Foyer has free internet access.
  • During the day there is free use of coffee, tea and cold water.
  • The meals in Rolduc will be offered for free (to a maximum of two stallholders).
  • It is stallholders allowed to attend the scientific lectures.
  • For staying over (at your own expense) you can book a room at a very reasonable price in conference centre Rolduc
  • Do you prefer to stay over in the neighbourhood, we recommend Hotel WinselerHof or Kasteel Erenstein.
  • Every form of sponsoring will be honored by us by displaying your company logo on our website, in mailings and as screen saver during the meeting.
  • All sponsors will receive the hidden link to the abstracts and a (digital) list of participants before the meeting.
  • Exhibitors can unload their stand gear at the back of the conference centre. Afterwards they can park their car at the large car park in front. Ask the reception of Rolduc for directions.
  • Exhibitors who like to send their stand gear by a courier service, please inform the reception of Rolduc in advance (T: +31 45 5466888, E:
  • Exhibitors are advised to bring along their own badge (with their name and company logo).

Past experiences of sponsors

"Of course we hope that our presence will conclude a sale but strengthening the ties is also important for us."
"For our firm it is important that we are visible on such occasions. We value recognition and brand awareness."
"The Genetics Retreat is a pleasant meeting. Not too massive. In an informal setting there are a lot of opportunities to get in contact with the participants and their supervisors."

Contact organization

Maastricht UMC+ Clinical Genetics
PO Box 5800 | 6202 AZ Maastricht
T: (+31) (0)43 3875899

Contact conference centre Rolduc

Heyendahllaan 82 | 6464 EP Kerkrade
T: 045 5466888

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