Genetics and Cell Biology contributes to research activities of four out of five FHML research schools and aims to meet the recommendations of the ‘Gezond Leven’ strategic research report with a strong visible focus on health and prevention. The combination of genetic and cell biological approaches allows for synergy in functional understanding of genetic variations and rapid application of new knowledge into clinical practice.

Research programmes

Cardiac energy metabolism and chronic cardiac disease
Nutritional factors affecting non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
Molecular epigenetic mechanisms in development, cancer and metabolism

Advanced optical microscopy of disease
Nuclear Lamins in Health and Disease
Molecular and cell biology of cervical (pre)malignancies

Cardiogenetics: Elucidating the basis and molecular pathology of genetic heart disease
Clinical and Reproductive Genetics
Model System Genomics 

Genetics of Complex Diseases
Consumer Genetics
Twin Research
Epidemiology of Complex Diseases
Life-course Epidemiology
Forensic Epidemiology

Mitochondrial Genetics