Complex Genetics

Nutritional & Cancer Epidemiology

Nutritional & Cancer Epidemiology is part of the research line ’Nutrition and Health Research’ (RL4) of the NUTRIM School for Nutrition and Translational Research in Metabolism at Maastricht University. This interdisciplinary and intra-university team has state-of-the art expertise in creating and evaluating scientific evidence to answer precise questions on the relationship between Nutrition and Health, with an emphasis on Cancer Research. The team is based at the Maastricht Health Campus, the Campus Venlo and at the Edgbaston Campus of Birmingham University UK. Their mission is to impact health via nutritional epidemiological research.

Team leader

Anke Wesselius, PhD

Ongoing projects

  • A world consortium of 22 cohort and case-control studies on Bladder Cancer Epidemiology (BLEND)
  • A UK-based trial to see if selenium and vitamin E stops early bladder cancer from coming back (SELENIB)
  • A prospective cohort study and biobank of 1500 bladder cancer patients (BCPP)
  • A Chinese case-control study in bladder cancer (SEARCH)
  • A UK-based case-control study on prostate cancer (BiPAS)

PhD Programmes

NCE1: Nutritional Epidemiology (Maree Brinkman)
NCE2: Cancer Epidemiology (Anke Wesselius)

Last 5 publications

  1. van der Wurff IS, von Schacky C, Berge K, Zeegers MP, Kirschner PA, de Groot RH. Association between Blood Omega-3 Index and Cognition in Typically Developing Dutch Adolescents. Nutrients 2016; 8(1)
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  4. Goossens ME, Zeegers MP, et al. Phase III randomised chemoprevention study with selenium on the recurrence of non-invasive urothelial carcinoma. The SELEnium and BLAdder cancer Trial. Eur J Cancer. 2016: 69:9-18
  5. Al-Zalabani AH, Stewart KF, Wesselius A, Schols AM, Zeegers MP. Modifiable risk factors for the prevention of bladder cancer: a systematic review of meta-analyses. Eur J Epidemiol 2016