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Arthur van den WijngaardOur goal is to share expertise, tools and equipment at competitive rates with other research groups at the Maastricht University and the Maastricht UMC+. We offer a unique multidisciplinary approach by teams, consisting of laboratory specialists, clinicians, technicians and bioinformaticians.


Where indicated, our methods and techniques meet the highest standards according to ISO15189. We are registered at the Dutch Accreditation Council, number M150.

Sample preparation and quality control

A wide range of tools and techniques are available to prepare your sample for genome analyses. We offer (automated) isolaton of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from cells (cultured or transformated in our facility or supplied by the user) and tissue. To guarantee robust performance, quality controls are applied to every sample (pre- and post-isolation).

Genomics (ISO15189)

We offer state of the art genomics analysis using Next Generation Sequencing for whole genome (WGS), whole exome (WES) and targeting sequencing. Furthermore, established technologies are also available to investigate the genome, such as Sanger DNA sequencing, fragment analysis and micro-array.

Transcriptomics (ISO15189)

Our services include RNA analysis, transcriptomics, using Next Generation Sequencing for whole transcriptome (RNAome), complete messenger RNA (mRNA-seq), targeted mRNA and microRNA sequencing (smallRNA-seq).

Metabolomics (ISO15189)

We offer state of the art analysis of metabolites, i.e. metabolomics, in blood as wel as urine. To investigate metabolites we offer Hyphenated-tandem mass spectrometry and U(H)PLC-analyses.

Functional genomics

To functional investigate genomic or transcriptomic findings our services offer several technologies (Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC),Genetic engineering and specialist enzyme activity assays) as well as models (stemcell derived and zebrafish).


All our services are supported by bioinformatic analyses. A team of expert bioinformaticians are developing and maintaining the data processing,analysis and managment of all our services.


Are you interested in our services, please contact:

Arthur van den Wijngaard, PhD
Maastricht UMC+
Clinical Genetics
T: (+31) (0)43 3871272 / 3871273