Prof. Marc van Zandvoort

Interim head Molecular Cell Biology

Focus areas

Advanced microscopy, biomedical cardiovascology, oncology


Prof. M.A.M.J. van Zandvoort
Maastricht University
Molecular Cell Biology
PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
T: (+31) (0)43 3881361

Curriculum vitae

Prof. Marc A.M.J. van Zandvoort, PhD achieved his PhD degree in Biophysics at Utrecht University (1994) and worked as a postdoc at Universitá di Bologna and LENS institute, Florence (Italy). He returned to Utrecht University as a postdoc in 1996. In 1998 he moved to Maastricht University first as postdoc, from 2000 as assistant professor Biophysics. In 2007 he became associate professor at the department Biomedical Engineering. In 2012 he moved to the department of Molecular Cell Biology. Currently, he is leader of the Advanced Microscopic Unit and vice-chairman of the Microscopic Steering Committee. In 2009 he became professor Biophysics of Microscopy (parttime) at the Universitätsklinikum Aachen (Germany) and leader of the Two-photon core-facility.

His research currently zooms on the application of advanced microscopy (multi-photon, high-resolution STED microscopy, correlative light electron microscopy) to biomedical cardiovascular and oncological questions. As an example his group recently developed a method to measure mouse carotid plaque microvessel functionality using in vivo multi-photon microscopy. He has tutored both scientists with background in physics and biomedical research. His research group currently encompasses technicians, PhD students and postdocs in Maastricht and Aachen. Editor for PlosOne, reviewer for many journals. Participates in advisory boards in the Netherlands (e.g., STW user committees) and abroad (e.g., Envision Greifswald). Organizes conferences in Maastricht, such as Triple M symposium Advanced Microscopy and Focus on Microscopy 2013 (FOM2013, 900 participants). Representative for NL-BioImaging-Advanced Microscopy and leader of EuroBioImaging for Maastricht. Member of Enabling Technologies, a commercial initiative from Maastricht University, DSM and the Province of Limburg, to create an advanced imaging platform at Maastricht University.


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