Monique Ummelen

Research technician

Focus areas

Immunohistochemistry on cryo- en paraffin sections; microscopy techniques: brightfield and fluorescence microscopy; tissue culture and production and testing of monoclonale antibodies; chromatography techniques (CM-cellulose en DEAE); ELISA; proteinelectroforesis en blotting; flowcytometry; DNA and RNA isolation; Northern en southern blotting techniques; in situ hybridisation; Comparative Genomic Hybridisation; production of recominant DNA proteins; recombinant DNA techniques: plasmide isolation, transfection, PCR, MLPA and SMART technology.


Monique Ummelen
Maastricht University
Molecular Cell Biology
PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
T: (+31) (0)43 3881357

Curriculum vitae

Monique Ummelen was trained as research technician in Sittard (1985), with the specialization Clinical Chemistry/Haematology. From 1985 till 1991 she worked for the department of Pathology at Rijksuniversiteit Limburg. Since 1991, she has worked for Molecular Cell Biology.