Mieke Goossens

PhD student

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Mieke Goossens
Kapucijnenvoer 33 blok J-bus 7001
T: (+32) (0)16 376621
E: mieke.goossens@med.kuleuven.be

Curriculum vitae

Maria Goossens (Mieke) has been a general practitioner for more than twenty years. In 2006, she started working as a scientific collaborator at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). Since September 2008 she is a PhD student and responsible for the management of the Seleblat trial (SELEnium and BLAdder cancer Trial) that evaluates Selenium yeast 200 mcg on the recurrence of superficial bladder cancer. Seventeen hospitals have recruited nearly three hundred patients. The follow-up of these patients continues till August 2015.

She is also working at the BLEND study (Bladder cancer, Epidemiology and Nutriational Determinants study), a pooled project that looks at diet and bladder cancer risk. Thirty studies, of which 19 case-control from the United States of America, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, United Kingdom, China and Japan and 11 cohort studies from the Netherlands, United States of America, Norway, Sweden, Canada, China and Japan are participating. This study includes more than 10 000 cases and 20 000 controls.
She terminated her doctorates (master degree) at the medical school in 1990. She followed general practitioner-researcher training during two years (2005/2008) and a clinical investigator training in 2006.