Elena Ambrosino

Elena Ambrosino, PhD

Assistant professor

Focus areas

Public health


Elena Ambrosino, PhD
Maastricht University
Institute for Public Health Genomics
PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht
T: (+31) (0)43 3884081
E: e.ambrosino@maastrichtuniversity.nl


Curriculum vitae

Elena Ambrosino, PhD obtained her summa cum laude degree in Medical Biotechnology in 2003 and her PhD in Immunology and Molecular Biology in 2007 from the University of Torino Medical School (Italy). She is also enrolled in the master of Advanced Studies in International Health at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Switzerland) and concluded all the required courses. From 2004 to 2007 she conducted research at the NIH (USA) and between 2008 and 2009 she was awarded a fellowship to work in Marseille at the Institute of Tropical Medicine (France) on clinical and genetic epidemiology of malaria in Africa. In 2009 she joined the Institute for Public Health Genomics within Maastricht University.

Elena Ambrosino is responsible for developing and coordinating modules for medical and global health students. In addition, she is constantly involved in teaching BA and MA students and supervising MA and PhD theses. She is also the manager of the Genome-based Research and Population Health International (GRaPH-Int) Network Administrative Hub. Her role involves project management tasks, as coordination of scientific progresses, communication with the members, outreach and information dissemination. Furthermore, she recently planned and coordinated a workshop on Public Health Genomics at the European Conference on Public Health organized in Amsterdam; the second International GRaPH-Int meeting and developed a parallel session on Public Health Genomics at the World Conference on Public Health. Along with those tasks, she was also the associate editor and editorial office manager for the peer-reviewed journal ‘Public Health Genomics’ (IF 2.570). Her activities included supervising the editorial process, planning and coordinating Editorial Board communications and developing biyearly thematic special issues.

Publications (selection)

JJ O’Konek*, E Ambrosino*, AC Bloom, L Pasquet, C Massilamany, Z Xia, M Terabe, J A Berzofsky (2018). Differential Regulation of T-cell mediated anti-tumor memory and cross-protection against the same tumor in lungs versus skin Oncoimmunology. (*these authors contributed equally).

J Malogajski, M E Jansen, S Ouburg, E Ambrosino, C B Terwee, S A Morre. The attitudes of Dutch fertility specialists towards the addition of genetic testing in screening of tubal factor infertility Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare 12: 123-127 (2017).

J Lal, J Malogajski, SP Verweij, E Ambrosino, A Brand, S Ouburg, SA Morre. Chlamydia trachomatis infections and subfertility: opportunities to translate host pathogen genomic data into public health Public Health Genomics 16: 1-2. March (2013). 

E Ambrosino, C Dumoulin, E Orlandi-Pradines, F Remoue, A Toure-Balde, A Tall, J B Sarr, A Poinsignon, C Sokhna, K Puget, J F Trape, A Pascual, P Druilhe, T Fusai, C Rogier. A multiplex assay for the simultaneous detection of antibodies against 15 Plasmodium falciparum and Anopheles gambiae saliva antigens Malaria Journal 9: 1. 317 (2010). 

E Ambrosino, M Terabe, R C Halder, J Peng, S Takaku, S Miyake, T Yamamura, V Kumar, J A Berzofsky. Cross-regulation between type I and type II NKT cells in regulating tumor immunity: a new immunoregulatory axis. Journal of Immunology 179: 8. 5126-36 Oct 15 (2007).

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