Complex Genetics and Epidemiology

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Are you interested in getting a PhD degree? CCGE offers a PhD programme in Public Health, Epidemiology or Complex Genetics. Our PhD is a four-year executive programme targeted at busy working professionals with face-to-face meetings two times a year. You will need to have at least a MSc degree in a Health-related field.

The programme is based on a research project that can be tailor-made to best fit your own background or work experience or by choosing a canned project, that has already been approved and link to the interest of one of the supervisors. Teaching courses are not obligatory but designed to fit your research project.

Canned projects for external PhDs

  • A global consortium initiative on the association between dietary intake and the prevention of bladder cancer (BLEND) (see pdf below);
  • On the origin of healthy food consumption and physical activity: a consortium of international twin studies (TWINS) (see pdf below);
  • Quality of life in newly diagnosed bladder cancer patients (see pdf below);
  • Personalised Prevention: a systematic overview of lifestyle and DNA risk factors (see pdf below);
  • TELOMAAS: a global consortium initiative on the association between telomere length and noncommunicable diseases (see pdf below).


If you are interested in registering for the PhD programme, please send us a motivation letter plus resume. Please note that we apply very strict criteria and award only 10% of the applications made to us.

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Complex Genetics and Epidemiology
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