Complex Genetics and Epidemiology

Genetics of Complex Diseases

Complex chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are caused by a complex interplay between genetic and non-genetic determinants. This interdisciplinary and intra-university team focusses on the genetics side of the coin and has state-of-the art expertise in genetic epidemiology, genetic association studies, bioinformatic, statistical genetics and population genetics, with an emphasis on cancer research. The team is based at the Maastricht Health Campus and at the Edgbaston Campus of Birmingham University (UK). Their mission is to impact health via genetic epidemiological research.

Team leader

Prof. Maurice Zeegers

Ongoing project

  • A prospective cohort study and biobank of 1500 bladder cancer patients (BCPP)
  • A world consortium of 87 studies on telomere length versus health (TELOMAAS)

PhD Programme

G1: Complex Genetics (Maurice Zeegers)

Last 5 publications

  1. Snell, K.I.E., et al., Exploring the roles of urinary HAI-1, EpCAM & EGFR in bladder cancer prognosis & risk stratification. Oncotarget, 2018. 9(38): p. 25244-25253. 
  2. Russo, I.J., et al., Toward Personalised Liquid Biopsies for Urothelial Carcinoma: Characterisation of ddPCR and Urinary cfDNA for the Detection of the TERT 228 G>A/T Mutation. Bladder Cancer, 2018. 4(1): p. 41-48.
  3. Lipunova, N., et al., Gene-environment interaction with smoking on non muscle invasive bladder cancer size at the time of diagnosis. Genetic Epidemiology, 2018. 42(7): p. 714-714.
  4. Lipunova, N., et al., Genome-wide Association Study for Tumour Stage, Grade, Size, and Age at Diagnosis of Non–muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer. European Urology Oncology, 2018.
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