Dissertations 2018

thesis Inge Derks-SmeetsClinical evaluation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis for BRCA1/2 mutations

Inge Derks-Smeets
17 January 2018
Supervisors: prof. C. de Die-Smulders, prof. V. Tjan-Heijnen,
prof. W. Verpoest (VUB, België)
Co-supervisor: R. van Golde, PhD

thesis Tom HoubenLysosomes ‘in control’: where lipids meet inflammation in metabolic syndrome

Tom Houben
18 January 2018
Supervisors: prof. dr. Ronit Shiri-Sverdlov, prof. dr. Marten Hofker †

thesis Nikos StratakisPrenatal Exposure to Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Child Health: a Population-Based Approach

Nikos Stratakis
2 March 2018
Supervisors: prof. M. Zeegers, prof. R. de Groot
Co-supervisor: L. Chatzi, PhD, M. Gielen, PhD

thesis Tom TheunissenNovel causes, mechanisms and therapeutic strategies in mitochondrial disease

Tom Theunissen
18 April 2018
Supervisor: prof. H.J.M. Smeets
Co-supervisors: R. Szklarczyk, PhD, I.F.M. de Coo, PhD (Erasmus MC)

thesis Dewi de WaaijDetection and immunogenetics of sexually transmitted infections

Dewi de Waaij
9 May 2018
Supervisors: prof. Servaas A. Morré, prof. Remco Peters, Sander Ouburg, PhD (VUmc)