Dissertations 2019

Dissertations 2017

thesis Mike JeurissenThe entanglement of NASH and Atherosclerosis; shared features of a macrophage-specific response
Mike Jeurissen
12 January 2017
Supervisors: prof. R. Shiri-Sverdlov, prof. J. Glatz
Co-supervisor: M. Donners, PhD

thesis Suzanne SalleveltPreventing the transmission of mitochondrial diseases
Suzanne Sallevelt
3 February 2017
Supervisors: prof. H. Smeets, prof. C. de Die-Smulders, MD
Co-supervisor: I. de Coo, PhD (Erasmus MC)

thesis Anne GemminkMyocellular lipid droplets and insulin sensitivity: a microscopy approach
Anne Gemmink
24 May 2017
Supervisors: Prof. M. Hesselink, prof. P. Schrauwen
Co-supervisor: Prof. M. van Zandvoort

thesis E. BergshoeffChromosome instability: a biomarker of progression in premalignant head and neck lesions
Ewa Bergshoeff
15 June 2017
Supervisors: Prof. B. Kremer, prof. E-J. Speel, prof. F. Ramaekers

thesis Jieyi LiMacrophage stimulating protein (MSP) in the metabolic syndrome
Jieyi Li
8 September 2017
Supervisors: prof. R. Shiri-Sverdlov, prof. J. Glatz
Co-supervisor: D. Neumann, PhD

thesis A. BaleanuMolecular ultrasound imaging: a powerful tool for the diagnosis of endothelial dysfunction and arterial inflammation
Adelina Băleanu-Curaj
2 November 2017
Supervisors: Prof. F. Ramaekers, prof. M. van Zandvoort, prof. F. Kieβling

thesis I. RatzA prominent couple. The TMPRSS2: ERG gene fusion in aggressive prostate cancer
Leonie Ratz
15 December 2017
Supervisors: Prof. F. Ramaekers, Prof. H. Sültmann
Co-supervisors: Dr. S. Klauck, Prof. P. Altevogt

thesis Vitaly SmelovUrogenital and anal chlamydia trachomatis and human papillomavirus infections: epidemiological diagnostics and public health aspects
Vitaly Smelov
18 December 2017
Supervisor: prof. dr. S.A. Morré
Co-supervisor: S. Ouburg, PhD (VUmc)

thesis Minh NguyenNovel genetic causes and pathological mechanisms of neurological and mitochondrial disorders
Minh Hoang Tuyet Nguyen
18 December 2017
Supervisor: prof. H.J.M. Smeets
Co-supervisors: M. Gerards, PhD, I.F.M. de Coo, PhD (Erasmus MC)