Dissertations 2019

Dissertations 2016

cover thesis14.12.2016: Jan Henk Dubbink: Sexually transmitted infections in rural South Africa towards better control strategies     cover thesis15.11.2016: Auke Otten, The impact of the mitochondrial bottleneck on mtDNA disease risk and embryogenesis

cover thesis07.12.2016: Elke Mersy, Noninvasive prenatal screening and diagnosis: from bench to clinic      cover thesis20.10.2016: Xiaoqing Zhu, The AMPK-MNK1 signaling axis

cover thesis13.09.2016: Yilin Liu, v-ATPase is a key player in lipid-induced cardiomyopathy     cover thesis24.02.2016: Esmée Bijnens, Twin research and environmental geocoding to unravel nature vs nurture

cover thesis27.01.2016: Marleen Jansen, Implementing genetic tests - Infertility and newborn screening     cover thesis29.01.2016: Sofie Walenbergh, Storage Solutions: novel ways for the detection and inhibition of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis