Complex Genetics and Epidemiology

Consumer Genetics

boekenWhereas, a few years ago DNA information was considered 'scary', nowadays it is accepted as relevant information for human optimization. Genetic testing is becoming increasingly available to the public via commercial applications which provide tools for DNA-based decision making. The research team Consumer Genetics investigates the issues around direct-to-consumer genetics that are in current debate. It translates its results to market, via de university spin-off MyBasePair  at Brightlands, Maastricht Health Campus. In addition, it continuously summarizes all scientific studies on the relation between DNA markers and complex phenotypes

Team leader

Kelly Stewart, PhD

Ongoing projects

  • Health Potential (DNA-testing for complex chronic diseases)
  • Phenoxx (DNA-testing for endurance sports)
  • PEPRECO: Course development for education of personalised prevention counsellor

PhD programmes

G2: Consumer Genetics (Kelly Stewart)

Last 5 publications

  1. Weyerstrass, J., et al., Nine genetic polymorphisms associated with power athlete status - A Meta-Analysis. J Sci Med Sport, 2018. 21(2): p. 213-220.
  2. Stewart, K.F.J., et al., Behavioural changes, sharing behaviour and psychological responses after receiving direct-to-consumer genetic test results: a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Community Genet, 2018. 9(1): p. 1-18.
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