Complex Genetics and Epidemiology

Life is short: Live, Love, Learn and Leave a Legacy

Stephen R. Covey

complex genetics The Chair group Complex Genetics and Epidemiology (CCGE) aims to create knowledge to help people live a longer, healthier and happier life. Much of their research is based on disentangling the genetic and environmental risk factors of chronic complex diseases.

Their research is recognised by its direct application to society. It is being used for the prevention of chronic disease, to improve patient care, to inform legal court decisions, on the market place and to improve the scientific process itself. CCGE’s core expertise is in the field of epidemiology but it is continuous reaching outward into adjacent disciplines such as analytics, genomics and forensic medicine to lead new innovations and leave a legacy in public health.

Genetic Risk Factors in Human Health 

Environmental Risk Factors in Human Health 

CCGE team members are supported via the Maastricht University institutes NUTRIMCAPHRI and the Teaching Institute FHML.

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