Clinical Genetics

Clinical and Reproductive Genetics

PGDThis translational research line deals with reproductive genetics and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). It is addressing studies at the interface of genetics and reproduction, (early) embryonic and fetal development, the transmission of the genetic material and the effects of abnormalities in this genetic material on fertility and reproduction, as well as on evaluation of results and safety of PGD. Long-term data on growth, health, psychomotor and socio-emotional outcome of PGD children are collated. Profiles and motives for PGD, as well as moral dilemmas of reproductive choice, are also studied.

New techniques for optimalization of PGD such as whole genome amplification, array technology, haplotyping and karyomapping are developed within the program and subsequently introduced in the PGD clinic. Basic research comprises the role of BRCA1 and BRCA2 in oocyte and early embryo developmental competence. This research is connected to the KWF sponsored project on fertility and PGD in BRCA patients.

PGD is still a morally sensitive technology, leading to societal debate about its acceptability. In collaboration with the group of prof. de Wert, ethical aspects of PGD and other artificial reproductive techniques are adressed. Moreover, targeted versus broad Non Invasive Prenatal molecular Testing (NIPT) is technically explored within the programme. NIPT has gone through a tremendous development during the last years. In our research program we are concentrating on the development of a NIPT-method to detect fetal Y and fetal trisomy 21, 18 and 13 early in pregnancy via maternal blood. The safety and risks of these innovations as well as the genetic counseling aspects are also studied.


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Team leader

Prof. Christine de Die-Smulders, MD

Research group

A. Paulussen, PhD; M. Zamani Esteki, PhD; Y. Arens, MD, PhD; R. Blok, PhD; S. Stevens, PhD; M. Macville, PhD; E. Coonen, PhD; L. van Osch, PhD; J. Dreesen; C. van Uum; J. Meekels; A. Stell; S. Sallevelt, MD, PhD; M. Heijligers; J. Gietel-Habets


GROW (research programme Reproduction and Early Development)


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