Genetic and Life-course Epidemiology

The Birmingham Registry for Twin and Heritability Studies (BIRTHS)

This study investigates the heritability of infancy growth parameters in a new prospective twin study among 66 MZ and 154 DZ twins from Birmingham Women’s Hospital, City Hospital and the Heart of England Foundation NHS Trust. Zygosity will be based on sex, fetal membranes and genotyping. Morphometric measurements will be made on all babies. Also, data on growth, development and phenotypical characteristics will be assembled at 18-24 months. Heritability of these infancy growth parameters will be estimated by variance components modelling. This study will provide the opportunity to establish a platform for extensive paediatric twin research. Once integrated into standard care, it has the potential, over time, to generate a large powerful twins cohort in which this and other questions of human biology can be addressed.


Prof. Maurice Zeegers