Epidemiology of Complex Disease


This study was set-up to investigate life style and genetic determinants of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia in Birmingham and to look at treatment modalities for these disorders. Although this study is still in its recruitment phase with 876 patients, it has contributed to the identification of seven new prostate cancer susceptibility loci that was published in Nature Genetics in 2009. Analyses on occupation, UV radiation, genetic loci in the polyamine pathway, testosterone and sedentary life styles are currently being undertaken.

Research group

Prof. Maurice Zeegers
Humera Plappert, PhD
Anke Wesselius, PhD
Nadezhda Lipunova, MSc
Maree Brinkman, PhD


Maree Brinkman, PhD
E: m.brinkman@nutritionbiomed.com.au